In addition to my research and my teaching, I seek to contribute meaningfully to scholarly conversations within my discipline and within the larger university community.

I am a member of the board for the Association for Jewish Studies, and lead the Unit on Traditions of the Late Antique East for the American Academy of Religion.  I also serve on the Steering Committees for the Society for Biblical Literature’s Unit on Racism, Pedagogy, and the Biblical Studies Classroom and the Association for Jewish Studies’ Paula Hyman Mentorship Program.

At St. Mary’s, I co-founded the Community for Teaching and Learning, a faculty-led initiative to foster conversations about pedagogy and better support teaching and learning on campus, and co-directed it for three years. I have received several grants from the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religious Studies that allowed me to spearhead a successful curriculum revision for the Theology major for the first time in over 20 years.

I also co-founded the Pre-Tenured Faculty Writing Group at St. Mary’s. At Yale, I founded a monthly Ancient Religions dissertation group. These meetings have become opportunities for peer-to-peer critique, interdisciplinarity, and fellowship in fields which can too often lead to isolation.