In addition to my research and my teaching, I seek to contribute meaningfully to scholarly conversations within my discipline and within the larger university community.

At St. Mary’s, I co-direct the Community for Teaching and Learning, a faculty-led initiative to foster conversations about pedagogy and better support teaching and learning on campus.

I also co-founded the Pre-Tenured Faculty Writing Group at St. Mary’s. At Yale, I founded a monthly Ancient Religions dissertation group. These meetings have become opportunities for peer-to-peer critique, interdisciplinarity, and fellowship in fields which can too often lead to isolation.

I have organized, or co-organized, several conferences at Yale, including the 2014 Regional Seminar in Ancient Judaism, and the 2012 international gradu

Circulating Jewsate student conference at Yale, “Circulating Jews: Mobility, Cultural Transmission, and  Representation in Judaic Studies,” which brought together thirty emerging scholars and faculty from a variety of disciplines.The conference was written up here