In addition to my research and my teaching, I seek to contribute meaningfully to scholarly conversations within my discipline and within the larger university community.

I have organized, or co-organized, several conferences at Yale, including the 2014 Regional Seminar in Ancient Judaism, and the 2012 international graduate student conference at Yale, “Circulating Jews: Mobility, Cultural Transmission, and Representation in Judaic Studies,” which brought together thirty emerging scholars and faculty from a variety of disciplines.The conference was written up here.Circulating Jews

At St. Mary’s, I co-founded the Pre-Tenured Faculty Writing Group. At Yale, I founded a monthly Ancient Religions dissertation group. These meetings have become opportunities for peer-to-peer critique, interdisciplinarity, and fellowship in fields which can too often lead to isolation.

I was aYale Graduate Schoollso the Graduate Student Representative on the Yale Committee on Online Teaching. We worked to coordinate university-wide policy on online teaching and learning at Yale, and Yale’s online educational initiatives. Check out the website for more information about our work. Here’s video of my presentation at the December 2014 university-wide open forum, and here’s a write-up of some of the work we have done.  Updated information about our work is available here.